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Instance messaging and notifications make people feel safe and much more convenient.

Essential Features

The most important and useful features which we collected from parents and school management team in the past 13 years. Now we make it into production.
Provide student passenger add, delete and information update functions, and support data synchronization. In addition, guardians, address books, and other additional customized information can be bound to passengers.
School Bus Management
The vehicle management function fills the weakness of the school management, and timely grasp of the use status of school bus vehicles, maintenance information, license plate binding, and driver and monitor information.
Schedule & Route
The Route planning function can quickly and automatically plan the route according to the student's residential address, and manually modify the operation route according to the actual needs.
The attendance function can be connected to information and learning management systems such as PowerSchool, ManageBac, etc. When the school bus arrives at the campus, the attendance check-in is automatically completed.
Push Notification
We provide a Push Notification function for both the school bus management interface and the smartphone client, to grasp the operation status of the school bus in real-time and respond to emergencies.
The school bus exchange is helpful for emergencies, alleviating parents' concerns. It also supports after-school activity mode after completing the daily fixed pick-up and drop-off tasks, which is flexible and efficient.
Administrators can strictly limit school bus operation rules, such as speed limits, line departures, and other safety rules. If the school bus breaks the rules and restrictions, the violation record will be automatically recorded and sent notification to the school management platform.
MANAGEBUS provides real-time school bus location information through the GPS positioning system. Through advanced algorithms and cloud computing platforms, the system will calculate the time it takes for the school bus to arrive at the station based on actual road conditions and vehicle speed.

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