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The best ever approach for community

By using the MANAGEBUS system, family and school administration will engage the most convenient experience.

We help you solve your greatest business challenges.


Bus lists can be checked and attendance recorded on mobile devices by staff on the bus.

Location Based

Quick check feature will tell staff members where a child should be arriving from for easy tracking.


Transportation arrangements are visible within the parent/student diary.


By having strong integration abilities

Brand New Service Mode

Traditional business is collaborated in a sandbox. We are trying to construct relationships like building a modern post-processing factory. Our clients always acquire high quality data get everything stored and secured in their own data warehouse.

Regional Deployment

We will deploy servers in the area closest to you.

In the Package
  • A qualified and secured server host provided by AliCloud or AWS.
  • Highly satisfied maintenance service scheduled by centralised management.

Private Database

We will deploy servers in the area closest to you.


Pay as You Go

We will deploy servers in the area closest to you.

Flexible payments
  • There are monthly and yearly subscription options for each package.

Full Integration

  • Simply download and install a plugin for PowerSchool
  • Fully compatible with Schoology API integration.
  • iSAMS API integrated by client ID and secrety key.

Getting Started for Free Trial

  • Standalone Database
  • Full Features